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Insidertrack significantly eases the challenge of managing multiple insider information sources

Insidertrack for Advisors

We’ve designed Insidertrack for Advisors to integrate with your company infrastructure

In addition to Insidertrack’s extensive and user-friendly features, with Insidertrack for Advisors you can:

track the details of multiple issuing companies and their financial instruments.

manage multiple lists for each company.

automatically generate email communications to list member.

optionally track acknowledgement or emails and generate automated chasing of outstanding acknowledgements.

produce comprehensive reports on demand, including, project and issuer lists, project activity, audit activity and exceptions.

generate advanced management information, tailored to your reporting requirements.

Insidertrack for Advisors also offers helpful optional features, including:

a secure portal that allows insiders to view their relevant information and update their personal details.

online training for your employees, explaining their responsibilities under MAR and incorporating scheduled testing.

the ability to create and maintain records of market soundings, tracking communications and audio recordings.

support for integration with your company infrastructure, such as your HR and document management systems, with the convenience of Single Sign On.

To discover more about Insidertrack for Advisors and request a demonstration, please contact us on +44 (0) 20 7001 0600 or email us