Insidertrack FTSE 350

For companies outside of the FTSE 350

In 2018 over 30 organisations from outside of the FTSE 350 signed up to use Insidertrack for their insider list management requirements. In 2019 the trend of moving from spreadsheets to a bespoke secure system has continued.

Many of these clients have insider populations of less than 20 people, but still consider the advantages of a bespoke system to outweigh the risks and time of maintaining information on a spreadsheet and email communications in separate files.

Don’t get us wrong, spreadsheets are wonderful things, but they have their limitations and frailties. We know from experience that companies using Insidertrack are better prepared for a visit/call from the Regulator than those using a spreadsheet.

Insidertrack will produce all of your communications to insiders and those people on confidential project lists, tailored to your requirements. It will chase non-responders, time and date stamp activity and even provide a secure process for collecting and maintaining personal information.

The decision about whether to invest in a system quite possibly comes down to cost. After all, it costs nothing, other than time, to maintain a spreadsheet. But what if Insidertrack saved you time as well as giving you peace of mind that your insider list responsibilities are being managed in-line with the Market Abuse Regulations.

So, what are the costs of Insidertrack? There is a small set-up fee and an annual licence fee and maybe a small amount for training and user support. However, there is a version of Insidertrack to suit most budgets and the cost may be less than you think. It could even be less than the cost of your resources to run lists on a spreadsheet let alone the unthinkable consequences of getting it wrong.

You may be pleasantly surprised about our pricing structure and the value for money that we offer our clients.

If you are concerned about the time and resources required to get started — don’t be. The Insidertrack implementation process is simple with us doing most of the work to enable you to focus on your day-to-day activities.

We are also:

  • ISO 27001 and FSQS certified so you have the reassurance that your data is secure
  • We have a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +57.89 confirming that our clients proactively recommend our services

If you would like a demonstration or if you would like to speak to some of our clients about the benefits of Insidertrack please get in touch.

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