Software developments

Directors’ Interests and Ownership Requirements Module

We are pleased to announce that we have developed a new software application to record and report the details of share dealing activities by directors in the company’s shares and all interests and transactions for Reportable individuals. In addition, the software can assist managing directors’ share ownership requirements.

Delivered as part of our Sharetrack platform, the directors’ interests and share ownership requirements modules have been designed to enhance regulatory and financial reporting as well as provide detailed audit trails, with supporting documentation, for review by external auditors.

The modules, developed in partnership with a major pharmaceutical company, can operate as a standalone application or to complement other features for existing users of Sharetrack.

Insidertrack integration with Share Plan providers

Integration of Insidertrack with Sharetrack is now complete, enabling real-time list membership information to be automatically integrated into share plan processes.

We are also working to integrate Insidertrack with some of the main share plan providers to help streamline the recording of Share Plan insiders and their exercise requests. Please contact shelley.goff@cytecsolutions.com or richard.nelson@cytecsolutions.com if you would like to discuss integration with your provider.

International SAYE Invitation Portal

On behalf of one of our FTSE 100 Sharetrack clients, we have recently developed and launched an online international Sharesave invitation facility.

The employee portal allows eligible employees to access details of the invitation, whilst also having visibility of their existing grants and savings headroom. The portal can also enforce each jurisdiction’s individual savings limits (both minimum and maximum) before accepting an employee’s application.

The Sharetrack 4 module enables the central administrator to delegate responsibility for reviewing applications to the regional administrators for each jurisdiction whilst providing full oversight of all applications being made.

A range of reports are available to assist with the smooth operation of the invitation process.

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