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Simplify your insider governance, enhance communications and ensure compliance with Market Abuse Regulations

Managing your project and insider lists and making sure that you comply with regulations can be hard work and time consuming. Communicating changes to list members, collecting and maintaining relevant personal information and supporting a consent to deal process is made much simpler using Insidertrack.

Insidertrack is the market-leading insider management software for good reason. It covers a range of complex tasks and makes them simpler, saving you time. It records, manages and reports the information required for regulatory compliance efficiently and comprehensively, so you can rest easy. And it helps you communicate with your insiders more easily and effectively.

Far more effective and reliable than trying to manage your insider lists on a spreadsheet, Insidertrack is conveniently and securely accessed online. Just a few of the reasons why Insidertrack is the number one choice for companies of all sizes.