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With Insidertrack, you’ll benefit from improved management and governance, and time savings


Insidertrack helps you manage all your insider and projects lists, to help you comply with the Market Abuse Regulations (UK MAR) and the Financial Conduct Authority’s Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules.

We have developed our Insidertrack web-based automated software with significant input from leading companies, so it delivers the benefits you really need. Insidertrack is the most efficient way to manage lists of people working for you and relevant third parties with access to your inside information.

As Insidertrack is simple and intuitive to use, entering information takes less of your time. Its intelligent management features help you to manage your governance duties, while dramatically reducing the risk of oversights or mistakes.

Communicating with your insiders becomes simpler too, whether you’re targeting individuals, groups or the full list. You can set Insidertrack to automatically prompt them to respond. Additionally, Insidertrack generates a full audit trail, so you can track the activities of system users and insiders.

Clients who have received information requests from the regulator have been delighted they can respond quickly and efficiently with accurate information, in the correct format, direct from Insidertrack’s reporting suite.

Like all Cytec products, Insidertrack is reviewed and improved continually, and we share our updates with you as part of our commitment to helpful, proactive service.

We also offer Insidertrack for Advisors, which is currently being used by securities brokers and investment banks for managing multiple lists, wall crossing and market sounding activity.