Provide valuable protection for your insiders and be confident about meeting your MAR obligations with the Insidertrack training module


We have developed a unique training module to support our clients, and ensure that insiders understand and accept their responsibilities.

The module has two parts:


A short video explaining the requirements of MAR for insiders. It covers:

what inside information is

your obligations of being an insider

the penalties if you break the rules or misuse inside information.

Created in partnership with City law firm Addleshaw Goddard LLP, the video can be topped and tailed with your key messages, endorsements and additional information.


A multiple choice test, designed to inform insiders about MAR and check they understand its implications for them. The test allows you to schedule when it is taken, set the number of questions and the pass mark, and tailor questions to your own circumstances. Standard functionality includes chasing of outstanding tests and re-testing for those not achieving the required standard.

To see the Insider training module in action, contact us on +44 (0) 20 7001 0600 or email us.

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