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Insidertrack's highly flexible communication module allows you to send tailored emails to your ‘insiders' and ‘external' contacts in a multitude of scenarios

It is important these communications are easy-to-digest as let’s face it, if you’re not an expert, MAR can be a heavy topic — especially for those new to it.

Getting these communications right will:

Reduce risk
Insiders will have increased awareness and understanding of MAR and their responsibilities, as well as how to get the most out of Insidertrack. The more they know, the less the risk.
Prove your efforts
Training can form part of a communications campaign, and this evidence, along with other engagement data — like, clicks and views — proves to the FCA that ‘mitigating the potential for abuse’ is more than just a box-ticking exercise.
Save time
By empowering colleagues and driving engagement, the result is more accurate information, fewer queries and less chasing. And let’s face it, we all want more time to work on more strategic things.

Introducing the experts

Whilst our area of expertise is providing leading software, it’s better to engage with communications specialists when it comes to ‘insider communications’. Founded by a Fellow company secretary, Eximia offers communication and creative services with a twist — they’re a consultancy that specialises in governance, risk and compliance. The team’s philosophy is to improve how we communicate and engage so all aspects of governance are part of your company’s DNA. Eximia can help deliver messages to your ‘insiders’ in a measured, memorable and results-driven way — cutting through the noise to have a positive impact on the behaviours that drive sustainable business performance and protect your brand’s reputation. So, whether it’s Insidertrack on-boarding or refresher communications and training, working with Eximia will make it easy for you to communicate across digital and print channels to drive a stronger governance and compliance culture.

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“Whether you are looking to comply with MAR or voluntarily decide to keep to a high standard of governance, Insidertrack offers you all the tools you need. It's easy to use, automates most of your day-to-day tasks and documents every step for compliance purposes. More importantly, if you ever get stuck, you know that their great support team is always ready to help.”
Sergey Shishkin, Assistant Corporate Secretary, Genius