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Cytec Solutions has developed an online training module, to be used in conjunction with Insidertrack, for companies wishing to supplement their training resources in light of the obligations created by the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR).

The module consists of:

  • A short video (8 minutes), developed in partnership with city law firm Addleshaw Goddard LLP, which covers an insiders key obligations under MAR — with the opportunity for a company to top and tail the presentation with key messages, endorsements and additional information
  • A multiple choice test module with the ability to configure the number of questions and expected pass mark

The video covers the following main topics:

  • Obligations of being an insider
  • What is inside information
  • The duties of those in possession of inside information
  • Potential sanctions for the abuse of inside information

The test module is designed to supplement the learning process and therefore has the following key features:

  • Full explanation of correct answer when selected
  • Full explanation of why an answer is incorrect and details of the correct answer when an incorrect answer is selected
  • The opportunity to schedule training and select the on‐going frequency that insiders will be required to undertake it
  • The requirement for insiders to confirm that they have completed the module themselves and that they understand the sanctions applicable to misusing inside information
  • Full reporting, including when the training has been completed, next scheduled and test results
  • Automatic chasing of insiders who have not completed the module during the scheduled period

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