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Manage your internal compliance confidently and satisfy MAR obligations with Insidertrack for advisors

Track access to inside information within your business for multiple third-party organisations, significantly easing the challenging workload of managing sources of confidential and price-sensitive information.

Our optional Market Soundings module gives you the ability to create and maintain records of market soundings, tracking email communications, wall crossings and audio recordings.

Key features

Track the details of multiple issuing companies

  • Manage multiple lists for each company
  • Log details of your client companies and their underlying financial instruments

Optional Market Soundings module

  • Record details of institution contacts
  • Communicate with institutions, collecting acceptance or declinations to market sounding requests
  • Update contacts on expected cleansing dates
  • Notify individuals of wall crossings

Generate advanced management information

  • Comprehensive reports on demand, including, project and issuer lists, project activity, audit activity and exceptions
  • Client tailored reporting available

Automatically generate email communications to internal and external list members

  • Track acknowledgement of emails
  • Automated chasing of any outstanding acknowledgements

Corporate Service Providers

Insidertrack can be licensed for use by governance administrators, allowing for the issuer or advisor version to be used to manage multiple clients.

“The system is an excellent tool for housing all our Confidential and Insider projects, tracking their status and is dynamic for when you need to move as quickly as your projects do. The system sends all of our project and Closed Period messages at the click of a button and tracks when an Insider has acknowledged their responsibilities. We have seen a marked increase in the number of acknowledgements since the system was implemented.”