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Insidertrack can be accessed from desktops and tablets by authorised users. It provides 24/7 usability and can be tailored to a company’s specific requirements.

Key benefits include:

  • Significant time savings — Simple and intuitive to use helping you to keep on top of your governance responsibilities.
  • Improved Governance — Recording all of the information required to comply with regulatory requirements, Insidertrack maintains details of insiders and external organisations, including dates and reasons for joining and leaving a project.
  • Improved management of the risks associated with non‐compliance — Period sensitive reporting enabling lists of insiders to be produced at the touch of a button with evidence that the insiders have received, understood and acknowledged their responsibilities.
  • Improved communication with insiders — Specific communications can be targeted at groups, individuals or the full insider list.
  • The ability for a company to demonstrate compliance with the Market Abuse Regulation and Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules — For keeping on top of regulatory responsibilities, Insidertrack is the most simple to use and complete insider management product on the market.