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Time saving and peace of mind share plans made easier

Sharetrack was first launched in 2002 and has evolved into a comprehensive solution for the management of share plans, share registers and other forms of employee incentive arrangements. It is designed for use with administering plans and share registers in-house, for co-sourced and outsourced scenarios and for use by third-party plan administrators.

Designed and built by professionals with over 150 years of relevant experience, the system is used by over 50 organisations ranging from FTSE 100 groups and multi-national financial institutions to smaller listed and private companies.

Powerful and flexible, yet intuitive and easy to use, the integrity and security of your information is maintained at all times.

Key features
Time saving
Take manual work out of your day
Peace of mind, reduce your chances of mistakes, ensure compliance
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A bespoke system that works for your business
Supports a varied range of share, cash and unit-based arrangements
Customisable workflows for management of routine processes
Custom data fields to store any data you need
Document generation
Straightforward standard reporting
Bespoke client reports
HMRC tax returns
24/7 access
Sensitive data is kept confidential and secure
Extensive permissions matrix to ensure access is on a strict ‘need to know’ basis
ISO 27001 Certified
FSQS Certified
Robust access controls and user permissions
AES 256-bit encryption of data at rest and in transit
Data stored on our secure servers
Flexible branded employee Portal
Share register
Internal market/liquidity event management
Share Incentive Plans
Financial reporting
Loan register


Equity Incentive Plans
Manages all standard discretionary share plans (LTIP’s, deferred bonus, co-investment, CSOPs and EMI)
Supports other non-standard plan types, including cash plans and linked loan plans
Records important 'plan rules' parameters such as vesting and expiry dates, performance conditions and relevant share prices
Automated processing of exercises/releases
Calculates vesting amounts adhering to performance condition percentages
Employee portal
Fully brandable
Supports Single-Sign-on and Two Factor Authentication
Access to share plan and Shareholdings
Submission of exercise and vesting requests
Ability to maintain and update personal details (if required)
Easy access to training and reference material
Allows for the management of single or multiple share registers
Generates certificates
Track beneficial and legal ownership of Shares
Issue communications to internal and external Shareholders
Calculation and record dividend payments
Generation of dividend payment files
Production of dividend vouchers
Allow for address and bank detail updates with supporting workflows (if required)
Allows for the management of your annual and adhoc share purchase and sales activity
Supports both EBT and matched buyers with sellers
Expression of interest phase supported
Friends and family invitations supported
Stock Transfer Form production
Certificate production
Perform full calculations of the accounting charge and deferred tax position in accordance with IFRS 2/IAS 12
Prepare National Insurance (or equivalent) accrual calculations
Detailed reports of these calculations available on demand
Produce financial statement disclosures such as weighted average exercise price schedules
Your routine administrative process can be replicated in system
Streamlines your defined processes
Enforces controls
Highly flexible and configurable, workflow management tool
Automates calculations and document generation
Process Partnership processes and Matching awards
Free share awards supported
Calculation and record dividend awards/payments
Generation of dividend payment files
Production of dividend vouchers
HMRC tax returns
Records loans in multiple currencies and from multiple entities
Supports stand-alone loans and those connected with share arrangements
Calculates interest
Tracks Director’s interests with annual online attestations
Supports API integrations
Monitors whether Directors are meeting required holding levels
Records and manages the share ownership requirements of Directors
Produces financial statements extracts


Co-source solution

Sharetrack is a comprehensive equity management software solution to facilitate the administration of employee equity incentive arrangements in addition to company cap table and shareholder register management.

Sharetrack can be used as a SaaS or co-source model to track and efficiently manage the often-complex processes involved in issuing equity to company employees and maintaining effective governance and administration of employee share plans and shareholder registers.

We have various co-sourcing business models deployed to suit our clients’ short-term and longer-term needs.

Outsourced solution

Sharetrack is a comprehensive equity management software solution that can be deployed for our dedicated support team as an outsourced administration model to track and efficiently manage the often-complex processes involved in issuing equity to company employees. The leading-edge system and enhanced service delivery can be personalised to meet your needs, and our team has a high level of technical knowledge across all aspects of employee incentives, including all-employee plans and discretionary schemes.

Sharetrack can also be used as an outsourced solution to maintain effective governance and administration of shareholder registers and cap table management.

Our clients include public and private companies of all sizes, as well as corporate service providers who provide administration services to their clients. We would be more than happy to discuss your requirements and demo the software.

“Sharetrack is an intuitive, flexible and easy to use system and has literally transformed how we manage our share data. The Cytec team have been very responsive to any queries and issues arising and have always provided helpful insightful advice. I have no hesitations in recommending Sharetrack and am really pleased we made the decision to work with them.”
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