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Time saving and peace of mind — share plans made easier

Administering employee share plans, share registers and similar arrangements can be a complicated and laborious activity. Traditionally, in-house plans have been managed using spreadsheets, often requiring duplication of effort and increasing the chance of mistakes.

Sharetrack is an advanced software solution which has evolved over 17 years to meet the administration requirements of any share plan and provide complementary support for related requirements. It is designed for use with administering plans and share registers in-house, for co-sourced scenarios and for use by third-party plan administrators.

Using Sharetrack will save you time and provide peace of mind. It enables you to meet the requirements of internal stakeholders with straightforward reporting and also to effectively engage with the wider participant population. It will reduce the risk of error and greatly assist in ensuring compliance. It also ensures that sensitive data is kept confidentially and securely, with access strictly on a ‘need to know’ basis.

Our clients have a wide and varied range of share, cash and unit-based arrangements. Sharetrack has been designed to be extremely flexible, dealing with both simple and complex plans, and catering for any requirements we could imagine (and a few that we didn’t). So you can be confident that our solution will evolve to meet your changing circumstances.