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Sharetrack is a flexible, secure, tried and tested software solution. It makes share plan administration simpler and more efficient.

Sharetrack Portal

When designing Sharetrack, our overriding aim was to enable you to manage your share plan arrangements with relative ease and peace of mind. Powerful and flexible, yet intuitive and easy to use, the integrity and security of your information is maintained at all times.

Sharetrack was first launched in 2002 and has evolved into a comprehensive solution for the management of share plans, share registers and other forms of employee incentive arrangements. Designed and built by professionals with over 150 years of relevant experience, the system is used by over 50 organisations ranging from FTSE 100 groups and multi-national financial institutions to smaller listed and private companies.

The latest release has built on the core record keeping and reporting capabilities of previous versions, adding a range of highly flexible and extensible features. These enable the system to be configured to meet an extremely wide range of individual client circumstances without expensive bespoke development.

An example of this is a sophisticated and highly presentable employee portal, designed to allow you to determine what information is shown and how it is displayed. Another example is the use of customisable workflows for management of routine processes. Sharetrack builds your processes into the system, enabling you to effectively manage the processes in an efficient and controlled manner, saving time and reducing risk.