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A comprehensive range of features to administer share plans more easily and efficiently, reduce risk and meet stakeholder requirements


Key features and benefits of the Sharetrack back-office administration system include:

Out of the box support for almost all discretionary and all-employee share plans.

Flexible and feature-rich workflow process management features, seamlessly integrating your processes into the software.

EBT recordkeeping, tracking headroom and dilution limits.

IFRS 2, deferred tax and financial statements disclosures, saving time and eliminating complex spreadsheets.

Information stored in a secure, logical and organised manner, everything available from a single location.

Integrated share registers and vested share accounts.

Highly presentable and branded employee portal, improving employee experience and engagement.

Prepare HMRC returns at the press of a button, ensuring compliance with reduced effort and risk.

Comprehensive and flexible reports and document production, providing detailed information in the required format and on demand.

An employee portal gives participants real-time access to their information and effectively manages interaction with administrators.

Sharetrack Portal

Simple and modern design, adapted to adhere to your brand guidelines.

Viewable 24/7/365 on PC, tablet and mobile.

Provides employees with details of their current holdings and a full transaction history.

Enables submission of structured requests such as vesting or withdrawal instructions.

Support for online enrolment and award acceptance.

Provides a secure medium to communicate with the administration team.

Highly secure, incorporating Single Sign On (SSO) and mixed authentication options.

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