With a comprehensive set of optional modules, Sharetrack is configurable for a wide range of requirements


Sharetrack is a modular system, providing the building blocks that allows the system to be configured to your requirements. Modules include:

Core system

The core system provides the basic infrastructure on which the rest of the system is built. This includes a comprehensive participant database, participant and user tasks, messaging, reporting and document production features. Also included are workflow management features for standard processes such as leaver and performance condition processing.

Award plans

This module enables typical discretionary share plans to be managed, including LTIP’s, deferred bonus plans, co-investment plans, CSOPs and EMI plans. Sharetrack can also support other standard and non-standard plan types, including cash plans, linked loan plans and other unit-based arrangements.

Share Incentive Plans (SIPs)

Sharetrack provides comprehensive support for SIPs, including partnership, matching, free and dividend elements. Contributions are tracked and share purchases and matching awards are calculated. Tax limits and rules are enforced, and monthly/year end reporting makes HMRC submissions straight forward.

Share register

This module enables companies to maintain full share registers or partial registers (e.g. a corporate nominee facility) for one or more share classes or financial instruments. The module provides full transactional support for share register activity, the preparation of share certificates and processing of cash dividends and dividend reinvestment arrangements in multiple currencies.

Loan register

A comprehensive loan register is available, enabling loans in multiple currencies and from multiple entities to be recorded and interest calculations performed. Both stand-alone loans and those connected with share arrangements are supported.

Financial reporting

Sharetrack can quickly perform full calculations of the accounting charge and deferred tax position in accordance with IFRS 2/IAS 12, and National Insurance (or equivalent) accrual calculations can also be automatically prepared. Detailed reports of these calculations are available on demand, together with other financial statements disclosures such as weighted average exercise price schedules.

Employee portal

A client-branded, flexible and highly-presentable portal enables employees, shareholders and other stakeholders to access their individual records, send and receive messages, complete tasks and submit requests directly to the administration team via the system. The portal is extremely flexible and capable of supporting all types of share plan and arrangements with minimal customisation, supplemented by additional bespoke development where needed.

Advanced workflow

Unique to Sharetrack is a highly flexible and configurable, workflow management module which enables any routine administrative process to be reflected in the software. This feature streamlines defined processes, automating calculations and document generation, improving efficiency. It assists with enforcing controls, reducing the risk of error, and promotes collaboration between multiple stakeholders in the process.

Directors’ interests

Sharetrack includes a dedicated directors’ interests module that can operate stand-alone or can integrate with other plan and share records held in the system. Annual interest certificates and attestations can be presented in hard copy or online via a portal. Financial statements extracts can be quickly and easily prepared from information held in the system.

Share ownership requirements

Sharetrack can record and manage the share ownership requirements of directors, with the ability to include/exclude plan types and a connected person’s holdings from the calculations. Comprehensive reporting is available to help companies monitor whether directors are meeting required holding levels, and individuals can see details of their current holdings and target position via the portal.

Multi-client administration

Designed for third party administrators, Sharetrack supports the management of multiple clients within a single instance of the system, enabling the switching between clients with ease. Together with a range of other cross-client monitoring and reporting features, Sharetrack is an ideal platform for administering share plans and other share arrangements on a fully out-sourced or co-sourced basis.

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