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IFRS2 Accounting and Tax

Sharetrack is able to calculate the accounting entries for both the IFRS 2/FRS 20 charge and deferred tax assets.

Share Register

Designed primarily for use by companies who maintain their own register in‐house. This module allows the maintenance of share registers for multiple classes of share, building up full transactional history of share issues, transfers, cancellations and other adjustments.

Trust Records

Where share plans are operated in conjunction with an Employee Benefit Trust, Sharetrack can assist with tracking share allocations, trust assets and liabilities.

Share Incentive Plan

The SIP administration module is specifically designed for the administration of HMRC‐approved Share Incentive Plans.

Workflow Management

Workflow management transforms Sharetrack from a pure record keeping and reporting solution to a highly efficient productivity tool.

Document Batch

Sharetrack has the ability to aid in the preparation of document batches used for generation of bulk award/maturity documentation and annual statements.

Director's Shareholdings

Due to Sharetrack’s flexibility, detailed records of director’s shareholdings can be maintained to enable monitoring of limits against corporate governance requirements.

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