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The administration of share plans involves the completion of routine but often complex processes which can be time consuming and open to the risk of error. To address this, Sharetrack incorporates integrated workflow management features which transform the system into a highly efficient productivity tool and mitigate procedural risk.

At a high level, our workflow functionality breaks down a process into its constituent stages and steps which are integrated directly into the software. System functionality is integrated directly into these steps, leading users through the process step by step as they progress through the workflow.

Specific features and advantages include:

  • Support for both simple and complex processes – any process can be represented in a Sharetrack workflow.
  • Flexible workflow paths, allowing multiple scenarios to be managed by a single workflow.
  • Support for both single procedure and batched processing.
  • Tracking of progress through the workflow, with full audit trail reporting.
  • Flexible permissions, facilitating peer/supervisor review and the efficient collaboration between multiple stakeholder groups.
  • Streamline and automate tasks, drawing multiple system features together into a single, intuitive interface.
  • Reduce risk by automating tasks, performing built-in cross-checks and enforcing procedural controls.

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