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Tailored solutions for efficient management of business processes and risk control


Insidertrack — the leading insider management software solution

Improve processes, automate communications and promote good governance practice
Benefits include:
Simplification of insider management responsibilities

With easy to manage set-up and maintenance of insider and confidential lists

Personalised communications

With compliant time and date recording

Automated chasing of non-responders

Helping you to ensure that you meet your Regulatory requirements

Dashboard status reporting

Ensuring that you are fully informed of what is happening

Automated consent to deal process

Streamlining processes and providing a valuable service to your insiders

Safe and secure

Giving you peace of mind that your data is maintained within a safe environment


Sharetrack — share plan software

A comprehensive software solution for managing share plans, share registers and related administration requirements
Sharetrack software
Benefits include:
Centralised record-keeping

Efficiently maintain all plan, register and participant records in a single, integrated solution

Reports on demand

Quickly and easily generate standard and custom reports, documents and tax returns

Improved participant engagement

Enhance and streamline communication with participants using in-built messaging and a branded employee portal

Efficient interactive process management

Represent routine processes in software, improving efficiency, reducing risk and assisting collaboration with stakeholders

Financial reporting

Perform complex calculations for share-based payments and prepare financial report disclosures

Resilient and secure

Ensure sensitive and important information is stored safely and securely, and always accessible in a controlled manner

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Cytec Solutions develops, implements and supports tailored software solutions, with a focus on share plan administration and insider management. We have built a strong and much-respected reputation for creating innovative, practical and effective ‘Software-as-a-Service’ (SaaS) models, for our clients.

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Our 2021 Net Promoter Score (NPS) for Insidertrack, as rated by our clients.


Over 40% of FTSE100 companies use Insidertrack as their insider management software

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