Intelligent Share Plan Insider Workflow Management Solutions

Market-leading, tailored solutions for the efficient management of your governance processes, share plans and share registers

Insidertrack — the leading insider management software, available for issuer companies, regulated financial institutions, advisors, law firms and corporate service providers

Simplify EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) compliance and mitigate risk through digitised and automated insider list management. Demonstrate good governance and offer an extra layer of trust through automation of secure communications.

Safe, secure, and trusted software licensed to a comprehensive range of organisations
Agile approach to set-up and implementing the software
Communication templates conforming to the highest standards expected of regulations
Dashboard status reporting and automated task management
Automated consent to deal process
Frictionless integration capabilities
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Essential compliance for you and your insiders. Book an Insidertrack demo and you’ll see why it is the market leader.
“Insidertrack has assisted us in keeping the information on our Insiders up to date and consistent. It is simple, intuitive and efficient. This allows for all the MAR details to be recorded thereby giving us peace of mind.”

Sharetrack — a comprehensive equity management software solution to facilitate the administration of employee equity incentive arrangements in addition to company cap table and shareholder register management

Used as a SaaS or outsourced administration model to track and efficiently manage the often complex processes involved in issuing equity to company employees, and maintaining effective governance and administration of employee share plans and shareholder registers.

Automation of administration of share plan activities for companies and corporate administrators to satisfy compliance with rules and regulations
Tracking and reporting of all transactions, including grants, awards, vesting, purchases, sales and relevant holding restrictions
Online participant and shareholder access via a secure portal
Customised platform to improve engagement
Personalised and tailored service delivery model
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Improve processes, automate communications and promote good governance practice.
“We developed a great partnership with Cytec and their dedication to our share activities is evident in all aspects of processing and support. Developing super easy to use workflows, aligning with third party payment partners Kyriba result in a massive time saving as well as a reduction in risk. We appreciate Cytec's attention to detail and creative approach to support an excellent end to end user experience.”
Angela Devine, Edrington
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Cytec is a leading software provider with a focus on corporate governance, compliance and equity management. We have been developing high quality, innovative software solutions since 2000 and work with over 180 companies to meet their regulatory and administrative requirements through the deployment of our secure and trusted software.

We have built a strong and much-respected reputation for creating practical and effective SaaS solutions for our long-standing clients.

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‘Excellent’ — our 2023 Net Promoter Score (NPS) for Insidertrack, as rated by our clients.


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